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At this week’s Convergence Conference, more than 11,000 customers and partners will gather in New Orleans to hear, to learn and to discover how business solutions can help them drive their businesses forward and enable them to do great things. 

I am privileged to be joined at this event by some of the most exciting and successful businesses in the world today such as  Revlon, Chobani, Weight Watchers, Shock Doctor and Habitat for Humanity among others – all have amazing stories of success that show how businesses are transforming themselves in amazing ways.

The theme of this year’s Convergence is about the world ahead – a world of promise and infinite possibilities.  To realize these possibilities businesses need to ask the right questions:  How do they stay relevant in the market?  How do they stay ahead of the competition?  Get more done with less? Attract and retain the right talent?  And have deep engagements with customers?  

These are important questions.  In my interactions with customers, I have found a theme that is common to all successful companies – their unrelenting focus on helping people reach their full potential and fueling their innovation and imagination.  They do this by ensuring that people are truly united in their approach to business and this includes the technology they use. 

Today, and in the world ahead, a Dynamic Business is guided by the enduring belief in unity.  A Dynamic Business puts people at the heart of the business. It’s connected with its employees, partners and suppliers and with its customers.   It’s proactive. It’s agile. It’s forward looking.

With over thirty years of experience in working with businesses on their technology needs, our focus at Microsoft is to help each of our customers become a Dynamic Business.  But how can we best achieve this?

We focus on ways to bring people together, to help companies achieve the type of unity with their customers, with their people and with their technology that will help them realize their potential.

We are committed to helping businesses connect with their customers: to help them quickly adapt their brands and how they engage with their customers in an Omni-channel environment that includes everything from the engagement you have with a customer at a retail store to having and tracking conversations on multiple social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.; to help them create ways to have new conversations that will enrich their relationship with their customers anytime and anywhere and on any device.

We work at helping bring their organizations together — connecting people across geographies and cubicles, and across roles and teams.  Working together, organizations set big, daring goals that are shared cross-organization and to which they are all committed.

We also help in bringing together all IT assets: front office and back office, devices and services, customer facing, back-end systems, devices, and applications – they all need to work together.   People create powerful solutions and this power can only be achieved by helping them get the most from their total investment. Sales and marketing people use technology that integrates with financial systems to connect and engage with customers systems; providing 360-degree reporting, analysis and valuable insights. 

Convergence is a celebration of how companies are achieving unity and becoming Dynamic Businesses.  Throughout the conference, we will have our customer tell their own stories of how they are uniting and succeeding.  As we look across the business landscape, I am excited and optimistic about what the future holds and the role that Microsoft can play in helping people succeed in every function across an organization.  I’m optimistic because the customers that I speak with every day tell me that they are looking for solutions that can help them unite their people and help them equip their people to do their best jobs.  They are investing in Microsoft Dynamics because we are best able to help businesses unite organizations, unite their people and technology and unite with their customers.  This is an exciting time for all roles and functions if we all come together.  

As I kick off the largest ever Convergence, I’m excited about the possibilities ahead, excited about what we can achieve together with our customers as we reimagine how people approach their work, unlock innovations and enable more meaningful experiences for their customers.  When a business is truly united, great things happen.

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