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We recently shared how the upcoming release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 will make business personal.  Today, we are announcing how buying CRM will become more personal too.

Since the introduction of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online in April 2008, we have offered a single license at a single price point.  While this is simple, many of our online customers have asked us for more options.  They know that we offer three different types of licenses for on-premises deployments.  They want the same flexibility for our online service.

As we look to this next major release, we want to give our online customers the ability to choose the license that is right for them.  Therefore, we plan to offer three new online licenses and give customers the ability to mix and match amongst the three.  Also, our online and on- premises licenses will be equivalent, making it easier for our customers to compare and decide what works best for them.

As we announced previously, the new Microsoft Dynamics CRM release gives people the ability to access their information on a variety of devices.  We don’t believe that customers should have to pay separately to access their CRM information on their mobile device, so to enable the mobile sales force, we plan to include access to Microsoft Dynamics CRM through mobile applications with every online and on-premises license of this upcoming release, with no additional license fees for mobile access.

We plan to offer the following competitively priced license options for our next release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online:

Professional ($65*) For the core CRM users, who need the full capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM including sales force automation as well as marketing and customer care.  We believe most users will find this license best fits their needs.

Basic ($30*)  For sales, service and marketing users who need to manage accounts, contacts, leads, cases and access custom applications as well as for business analysts who require reporting capabilities. 

Essential ($15*) For light-weight users who need to access custom applications developed in house or by our vast network of partners.

(*) CRM Online list price shown per user per month in USD, actual pricing might vary by geography. Other fees may apply for add-on services such as additional storage, testing and production instances. Prices are exclusive of any fees you may incur to procure Internet connectivity.

We are also planning to add flexibility to our support offerings.  Today, we offer basic support and Premier.  In the upcoming months, we will offer additional support options for our customers.

Our on-premises customers will continue to find the overall cost of Microsoft Dynamics CRM ownership very competitive and will find our simplified licensing easier to understand.  As we get closer to launch, our partners will have access to our refreshed price lists and will be ready to help our customers select the solution that works best for their needs. We also plan to release Dynamics Planning Services, a benefit of Software Assurance for Volume Licensing, to help our customers plan their deployments.

In a nutshell, we are offering our customers more freedom to choose and the ability to mix and match licenses, so they are not forced to fit every user into the same license.  Equivalent offerings between on- premises, online and hosted by partners also make it easier for customers to compare and decide.  Access through mobile applications is included at no extra license cost across all licenses.  On top of this, we are offering more value through Dynamics Planning Services and more options for online support.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM makes business personal.  Now, choosing the right license is personal too.

There is no better time to buy Microsoft Dynamics CRM!  As we welcome our partners to WPC, we would like to remind you of your critical role in helping our customers accelerate their decision to choose Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Software Assurance for Volume Licensing.  This will enable them to get access to a new version as soon as it is released for no additional license cost.

We thank our customers and partners for their continued support of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and for helping us find ways to improve.  As we look forward to this new release, remember, there is no better time to buy Microsoft Dynamics CRM!

Paco Contreras

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