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Register today for our Global Premiere Event to hear from cutting edge companies who are!

How often do you get a chance to peek under the hood of forward-thinking companies to glean insights you can apply to your own business?  If you’re thinking—not often enough—then don’t hesitate to register for our Global Premiere Event.  This is not your typical virtual event.  This is something different.  On November 4th, 2013, live from Barcelona, we invite you to see for yourself.  Give us an hour and we will take you around the world so you can hear directly from companies who are building their brands by delivering unique and impactful customer experiences.

We’re putting the lens on our customers to give you the opportunity to learn about their businesses and hear the strategies they are putting into practice.  Their stories will illustrate what it can mean—in terms of differentiation, in terms of opportunity, in terms of ultimate success—for a business to squarely focus on their customers.  Join in and gain insights that might help you see opportunities you can apply to your organization.

In the “Age of the Customer”, companies who wish to thrive need to become customer-centric in everything they do.  You won’t want to miss this important event.  Register today!

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