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Change and growth can be good, but with that growth, you may be feeling like you can’t wrap your arms or your head around your business anymore. There used to be a one-to-one correspondence between your employees and the business functions they managed. Now it takes a village. Data moves from desk to desk, and you don’t have the controls in place to ensure a detailed and accurate audit trail. It’s a risk you can no longer afford to take.

A growing business needs well-defined roles and processes, supported and enforced by technology systems, that enable tighter control over payment, shipping, vendor and hiring choices, and more. You need better insight and control in order to reduce risk. But technology is constantly changing and so is your business, so how do you keep up?

Grow without Growing Pains with a Business Solution from Microsoft

According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, 77% of all fraud occurs in one of six departments: accounting, operations, sales, upper management, customer service, or purchasing. Microsoft Dynamics® ERP can help you manage all these departments and aspects of your business operations from a single, integrated solution which introduces a more reliable way to monitor your most critical data.  The security features and workflows built-in Microsoft solutions enable you to permit and restrict access to select users or roles in your organization. 

You can also protect data integrity by reducing the opportunity for redundant data entry.  Your team can enter data once into Microsoft Dynamics ERP and share it with other departments, instead of entering data multiple times into disparate software.  Reducing the number of times that data is handled will reduce the number of simple mistakes that can be made. Alerts can be used to notify managers, for example, when a change over certain thresholds or limits are made, helping to reduce simple errors or fraud.

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