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Companies using entry-level accounting software programs depend on complex manual entry processes that simply don’t have the ability to provide valuable business insight other than simple financials.  As a result, IT departments have been taxed with creating elaborate spreadsheets and databases to handle the data that can’t be included in accounting software. 

Sure you know your sales performance, but do you know who your most profitable customers are or which products produce the highest margins? With a view only into past performance, you may be missing the insight to move your business forward. To beat the competition you need full visibility into what drives your profitability and the ability to turn those profits into the cash flow that will support your future growth.

Grow without Growing Pains With a Business Solution from Microsoft

According to a 2012 survey by Information Week Enterprise Applications, 24% of businesses are focused on providing innovative products and services. How can you achieve this if you’re always looking back? 

Instead of looking at past performance, get real time insight into current activities and developing trends. Microsoft Dynamics delivers the information you need to make the switch from reactive to proactive business process.  You and your team will be able to manage financials, manufacturing, supply chain, project and services management, human resources and payroll, and other core business operations from this single, comprehensive business solution.  A single solution protects data integrity and improves productivity throughout your business.  No more printing reports and validating data before using it to make what you hope to be the right business decisions.

Microsoft Dynamics centralizes information with secure, role-based access.  Security features will allow users to access the information pertinent to their job tasks and restrict access to proprietary or private customer data.  The RoleTailored interface will make it even easier and quicker for users to enter and share their data.  Each user can customize their screens with the features and functions they need for their tasks, while hiding distracting functions that they don’t need and won’t use.  Be confident that your team is entering information the right way, each and every time.

Your growing business can’t afford down time. Take the hassles and risk out of the implementation process with a solution designed to get you up and running quickly and with support from a global network of reselling partners that offer industry knowledge as well as the understanding of your local regulations and requirements. Simply put, they can put together affordable, industry-specific-solutions that are right for your business.

So if business is good, and you want it to get even better, take a test drive, or attend the upcoming webcast: Get Answers to Frequently Asked Questions during the Business Applications Evaluation Process to learn more about our solutions for small or mid-sized businesses.

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