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The consumerization of technology has blurred the line between personal and work computing. Users expect that the software they use, whether designed for business or for fun, will be intuitive, accessible from any type of device, and always available. So how can you stay focused on your business while providing these intuitive tools your employees expect?

Grow without Growing Pains with a Business Solution from Microsoft

Give everyone precisely what they need to do their specific job better than your competition. With role-tailored access and tools, the right people get just the right information just when they need it.  Users can see the features and functions that they need, while hiding the information they don’t need.  By simply eliminating these distractions, you can keep users focused to improve productivity and protecting data integrity.

You can also choose from cloud or on-premises deployment—whatever works for your business. And your team can take care of the job from the office, from the road or at home—wherever they’re most productive. A state-of-the-art solution will deliver the same data and functionality on each and every device your employees use, and deliver it in a format as accessible and intuitive as an in office computer. So whether you use laptops, notepads, or smart phones, you can access the information you need.

Most employees are familiar with Microsoft programs and these commonly used programs have many of the same features as the Microsoft Dynamics® ERP suite of business management solutions.  Your team will recognize the interface, common commands, and immediately feel comfortable learning and using Microsoft ERP solutions.  By making these important internal business connections, you can streamline processes to improve relationships with customers, suppliers, vendors and more. 

Watch this video to see how a business solution from Microsoft can help transform the way your people work.

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