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I wanted to share links to our latest news and press releases–we have had some very exciting events and announcements this week between our announcing the broad availability of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 at the Global Premiere Event, introducing Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3, and celebrating our customers and partners and Convergence 2013 EMEA.

Kirill Tatarinov, Executive Vice President, Microsoft Business Solutions published a blog post on the official Microsoft blog: “The future of business in the era of the customer“.

“With a constant connection to the Internet and their social networks, today’s customers are informed, smarter, give feedback that can go viral and are therefore more empowered than ever before. We have truly entered the era of the customer.”

Microsoft Dynamics published a press release on the Microsoft News Center: “Microsoft Dynamics enables businesses to reimagine customer experiences“.

“This is truly the era of the customer where people are more informed and better connected than ever. Businesses urgently need solutions to unite and empower their people so they can best serve and nurture their customers.”

Pepijn Richter, Director of Product Marketing for ERP, published a post on the Inside Microsoft Dynamics AX blog: “Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3: a preview“.

“…we’re so excited to be unveiling Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3, planned for release in April 2014. And you know why? Because we know it will help you to provide Amazing Customer Experiences! With new features and tools available through this release, you’ll be able to engage with customers on their terms, run agile operations to exceed your customers’ needs, and expand your business to better serve your customers.”

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