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The announcement that SAP is discontinuing development of Business By Design, leaves many SAP customers with few options. After all the hype surrounding Business By Design, companies may be understandably reluctant to embrace SAP’s next new thing, the much-hyped HANA platform, and few Business By Design customers will be prepared to face the challenges of a full SAP Business Suite / ECC deployment. The company’s small business offering, Business One, isn’t up to the demands of the upper mid-market, and as we’ve discussed previously, their Business All-In-One solution does little to shield smaller companies from the cost and complexity of SAP’s enterprise offerings over time.

So where does that leave you? If you’re a fast-moving, high-growth company, you need systems you can trust. You need a platform that will be around as long as you are, a platform that will scale and adapt to keep up with emerging technology and business trends.

Chances are, your business already runs on Microsoft technology. Why not get even more out of your existing investment by using Microsoft Dynamics AX? Microsoft Dynamics AX is designed to work with and like your existing Microsoft infrastructure, allowing for deeper integration, faster deployment, better user adoption and faster performance. And because Microsoft spends more than $9 billion annually on research and development, you get all the benefits of ongoing innovation happening across both consumer and enterprise devices like Windows Phone & Surface and services like Windows Azure, SQL Azure, Office 365, and many more.

As many of our customers will attest, Microsoft Dynamics business solutions offer lower cost of ownership, minimize complexity, and deliver faster time to value, so you can connect your employees, suppliers, and customers in ways that allow you to be proactive, agile, and forward looking.

Whether you are an existing SAP Business By Design customer or you are considering SAP Business All in One, you have a choice: Consider Microsoft Dynamics AX

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