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If you’re struggling to position your organization to compete and grow, coping with the challenges of connecting employees, partners, suppliers, and customers in ways that allow you to be proactive and agile in the face of shifting market and consumer demand, you’re not alone. Companies everywhere are looking for those answers.

And inevitably, the search for answers will lead you to look at systems and software that can help you take your organization to the next level. Whether you’re rationalizing your existing systems, moving up to your first full ERP, or seeking solutions for specific operational processes, the range of options—and vendors—can be daunting.

To sort through it all, you need straight talk. Not sales pitches or marketing hype. You need the honest answers you get from your peers: executives, business leaders, and IT professionals who face the same issues you do every day.

For one week in March, Convergence brings these people together. To network, share their experience, ask tough questions, and learn about solutions. Sponsored by Microsoft, Convergence is your opportunity to engage with your peers, as well as with industry experts and product experts, and learn how they’re using technology to solve common business challenges including:

  • Helping your organization adapt to growth and change.
  • Simplifying your core systems and infrastructure to reduce complexity.
  • Reducing and managing the on-going costs of IT.
  • Providing people with tools that make their jobs easier—not harder.
  • Connecting people, data, and processes across functions, roles, and locations.

If you’re evaluating ERP or other business systems, we hope you’ll join us in Atlanta this March for peer-to-peer networking, presentations from business and technology experts, and to hear from organizations across a range of industries, segments, and geographies about how they’ve dealt with these issues and others.

For more information on Convergence, please visit the event page:

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