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It’s probably safe to say that every business wants to have happy customers and ensure a good experience for its clients. But you probably want more for your customers. You understand the difference between “good enough” and “amazing,” and your desire to push beyond the ordinary reflects the level of commitment of your whole team.  

Getting to AMAZING isn’t easy. It requires a different level of effort for leadership, management, and all contributors to get there. You have to go the extra mile, embracing complexity and change to create, nurture, and ship products and services that make your customers want to shout “This is amazing!” from the mountaintops.

At Microsoft, we’re lucky enough to partner with companies every day who have taken on this challenge and succeeded. Join us and meet them at Microsoft Dynamics Convergence in Atlanta starting March 4 (register now!), where we’ll also be revealing more about Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3.

As a prelude to the event, I’m excited to share with you a preview from one of these stories—find out about how they fuel the actions that drive success. Stay tuned for more of the Lotus F1 Team story and their accomplishments in the coming weeks.


Lotus F1 Team Achievement Showcase (Preview)

Thrilling fans and winning races takes an enormous amount of effort, team work, and amazing technology. Watch this sneak-peak video to get a sense for what it takes the Lotus F1 Team to succeed. Stayed tuned for more exciting content coming in March 2014.

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