Microsoft Dynamics CRM pricing and licensing: more integrated value for marketing, sales and customer care.

Following our announcement of the new capabilities that will be released in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online during the second quarter of 2014, and as we welcome our customers and partners to Convergence 2014 in Atlanta, we are excited to share updates to pricing and licensing plans for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.

Recently, we explained that a fragmented approach to acquire business solutions for marketing, customer care and sales creates a heavy burden when trying to track the effectiveness of these investments.  The industry standard of offering separate licenses requires significant efforts down the road, as it is really hard to quantify investments considering license fees with separate terms, options, support plans and additional integration investments that are typically not evident at the time of the purchasing decision.  When purchased separately, all these solutions require heavy lifting when it comes time to prove the return on investment.

Our approach is different.  We believe our customers deserve a more transparent and straightforward approach to calculate the return on their investments.  Our aspiration is to help our customers with pricing and licensing that includes capabilities across customer service, marketing and sales.  As we are creating an integrated experience across sales, marketing and customer service with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, it is logical that we also bring to market integrated pricing and licensing for these solutions.

Since the introduction of Dynamics CRM Online Professional last year, many customers are finding the value of this offering to light up scenarios across marketing, sales and customer service, helping users across departments coalescence as a team to get a single view of their customers.  The value of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Professional significantly increases with this release, as we are including Microsoft Social Listening at no additional license charge.  Customers with ten or more Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Professional licensed users will get access to vast social listening and analytics capabilities that Microsoft Social Listening lights up.  There are no price changes to this SKU: $65 per user per month (*).  More value, same price for our most popular offering.

On-premises customers may add access to Microsoft Social Listening to licensed users of CRM Professional CALs for an incremental fee of $20 per user per month(*).  We expect on-premises customers to take advantage of this extremely competitive price point to give social listening insights to their users.

We are also introducing Dynamics CRM Online Enterprise at $200 per user per month(*).  This offering expands Dynamics CRM Online’s footprint into additional departments in organizations.  For marketing, we include Dynamics Marketing (from our acquisition of Marketing Pilot) along with capabilities to manage price lists and marketing campaigns included in CRM Online Professional.  For customer service, we include the new Unified Service Desk in addition to case management capabilities in CRM Online Professional. We are also making a special offer through Parature.  For a limited time, customers in the United States and Canada, who purchase at least 10 seats of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Enterprise SKU through their Enterprise Agreement will receive an equal number of Parature seats at no additional license cost (*).  As we get closer to general availability, our representatives will have access to details on all these offers and will be ready to assist our customers in their purchasing decision.

(*) Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online list prices shown per user per month in USD, actual pricing might vary by geography. Other fees may apply for add-on services such as additional storage, testing and production instances. Prices are exclusive of any fees you may incur to procure Internet connectivity.

In summary, our investments for this release aim to help our customers market smarter, sell effectively and care everywhere.  We believe in the integrated value of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, giving marketers, sales force and customer service agents the potential to create great experiences for their customers.  No disparate applications to license and keep track of – just Microsoft Dynamics CRM.