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Maybe it is because social media has given people a powerful voice, or maybe it is because there is proven economic benefit to retaining customers over acquiring new ones, the truth remains the same:  companies today are doubling down on their efforts to create positive and long-lasting customer relationships.

Business leaders I talk to who focus on delivering exceptional customer service can attest, it starts from the inside out – with your employees. After all, these are the people you put on the front lines to engage with your customers in that moment of truth when they need to resolve an issue or get something done and they are deciding whether they want to continue their relationship with you. This one moment may forever shape how that individual perceives your company.  I ask you – are your customer service agents ready to take that call?  We can help in that department.

We’re happy to announce the latest version of our Customer Service capabilities, including the availability of the Unified Service Desk.  This cohesive experience helps you provide your agents with everything they need to know at their fingertips, giving them the right answers at the right time so they can address your customers’ service needs.  Why is the idea of one experience so powerful?  Did you know the typical call center agent uses 7 to 10 applications for every single call! Our agent experience makes being able to pull in information from disparate applications easy.   Your agents will see all the details they need to resolve issues fast. 

And it doesn’t stop there. Unified Service Desk improves your agents’ ability to deliver consistently good service through built-in agent scripting. And when combined with customer social data like twitter handles and Klout scores and customer preferences such as whether they favor a cell phone call over an email –each agent can tailor their interaction accordingly.  Lastly, agents can now immediately see customer’s entitlements and service levels which empowers them to make the right decisions to deliver a world-class service experience.

It all comes down to that moment of truth. Every company, no matter how customer focused, experiences that moment of truth when they are at risk of losing a valuable customer forever or securing them for life. We want to help you give your employees the tools that can help them when they need it most, because in the end, those are the moments that really matter. Are you ready for your moment?

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Bob Stutz

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