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Parature, from Microsoft, is pleased to announce that Nucleus Research has selected Teradici, developer of industry-leading PCoIP® technology for virtual workspaces, as a 2014 recipient of its Technology ROI Award for its implementation of Parature customer service software. This analyst award recognizes companies whose deployment of IT solutions has produced a positive, bottom-line financial return on investment (ROI).

Companies that receive the Nucleus Research Technology ROI Award demonstrate the link between IT strategy and business goals. The implementation of Parature by Teradici, resulted in an 895% ROI and full project payback within 1.5 months, as determined by Nucleus Research.

Calculating the ROI

In calculating the ROI, Nucleus quantified the initial and ongoing costs of software subscription fees, consulting, personnel and training time over a three-year period to calculate Teradici’s investment in Parature. Notes the award case study:

Direct benefits quantified included the profits on net new revenue generated by customers that opened support tickets that indicated they needed additional products or services.

Indirect benefits included an increase in Teradici technical support staff productivity resulting from support tickets being addressed by the new self-service system. This was calculated based on the average active time to resolve a ticket using the average annual fully loaded cost of a technical support representative, and a correction factor to account for the inefficient transfer of time between time saved and additional time worked.

Not quantified was the indirect benefit Teradici achieved of increasing its brand presence and awareness by exposing its Parature knowledge base to customer Web searches.

“The insights we gained about our customer base were critical in the early stages of our company’s growth, and they remain vital today as we compete on a more global scale. The deployment quickly paid for itself,” said Stuart Robinson, Director of Systems Engineering for Teradici. “Today, more than 50 of our employees regularly use Parature, and it continues to deliver very significant value to our business today.”

Click here to read and download the full case study by Nucleus Research.

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