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In our efforts to deliver platforms and applications that enable people to do more and achieve more, today I am pleased to announce that Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is now live in the following countries:

Argentina, Uruguay, Ecuador, U.S. Virgin Islands, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, Philippines, Bahrain, Egypt, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Ukraine, and the United Arab Emirates

Together with Microsoft Azure and Office 365, CRM Online is a critical part of the Microsoft Cloud for Business that delivers experiences that users love and businesses can count on.  We want to do everything we can to bring these cloud benefits to as many businesses and countries as possible. So, in early June when we announced our Dynamics CRM spring wave updates, I also shared that we would be expanding the availability of CRM Online to many new markets in 2015.  To make this possible, we have made investments to expand our datacenter locations.  With the global expansion, CRM Online is now available and running within Microsoft’s Latin America datacenter located in Brazil.  This means that Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online will join Microsoft Azure and Office365 to serve our Latin American customers from our South America datacenter.  This regionally located datacenter means less latency than traversing to North America resulting in better service for our customers in this part of the world! And we are the only CRM vendor providing this in Latin America.

With these investments and this global expansion, Dynamics CRM Online is now available in four global regions serving over 50 global markets! 

Over the coming months please look for country-specific events and announcements.  We encourage you to reach out to your local Microsoft sales or marketing representative for more information and see how Dynamics CRM Online can help your teams to sell more effectively, market smarter, provide care everywhere to deliver amazing customer experiences!

Bob Stutz

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