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One big reason to move to Microsoft Dynamics AX?

With new features and tools available through this release, you’ll be able to engage with customers on their terms.

Experiences provided through Microsoft Dynamics AX for retailers and their consumers offer differentiated customer-facing experiences that help you engage and retain your customers by offering a rich and consistent shopping experience across Web, mobile, social, and store.  Furniture retailer Ashley Furniture is already implementing exciting new features in Microsoft Dynamics AX to help them: 

  • Let customers shop on their terms. With the new solution, a potential customer will be able search for the particular piece of furniture she wants on the Ashley Furniture HomeStore website by using a range of criteria. After the customer finds the piece—for example, a sectional sofa—the site presents a package of related items to fit a room, as well as related promotional items, such as coupons. The customer can then either add items to a shopping cart or to a wish list after undergoing a short registration process, which includes the ability to opt into email or text notifications for upcoming specials and promotions. If that same customer decides she wants to try out the furniture before buying, she can visit the nearby Ashley Future HomeStore. All of her interactions and research are then in one place for the retail sales professional to access and provide the best possible in store experience.
  • Give your customers a great shopping experience. By using a tablet that draws on information from the underlying system, the Ashley salesperson can view the customer’s wish list and take her to view the product. Because the retail system is connected to the company’s warehouse management, logistics, and transportation systems, the salesperson could even inform the customer when the product would be delivered should she buy it right then—information that would also be available to the customer via other channels, including the web. Armed with a credit-card reader and tablet the salesperson would also be able to close the deal on the spot, without having to go look up information at a computer terminal or collect printouts. And with wishlists she can share with friends. On social she’s able to extend her experience into the places where she shops and the people she shops with.
  • Keep your customers coming back. Ashley plans to merge the physical and digital domains to include an Ashley Furniture app, which will draw on the customer’s account information and wish lists to direct customers to specific pieces within the retail stores, or use proximity awareness to push out coupons for nearby items. Customers might even use the app to scan QR-codes on individual pieces of furniture to bring up related information such its dimensions or how to care for the product. Having a loyalty program enables companies to take ownership of their engagement with the customer to provide the right individualzed experience for each customer to turn likes into loyalty.

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