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These are exciting times at Microsoft. For a guy like me who has been in the business applications space for quite a few years, working with some of the stalwarts of this industry, I can honestly tell you –  there is no more “business as usual”.  We’re shaking things up, and people are taking notice. 

Last week, Mary Jo Foley of ZDNet revealed what she referred to as a “barrage” of deliverables coming from Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Though ideally we would have preferred to release this information ourselves, we are happy to see the excitement about what is to come. With the power of Microsoft technologies behind us, the Microsoft Dynamics CRM team continues to deliver on a rapid release cycle that is driving innovation into our products at a significant clip–all in our efforts to redefine what a CRM solution can mean for businesses and for the customers they serve. 

Code names are one thing, but to get the real story about how we are changing the way marketing, sales and service teams can succeed together, look for our next major announcement coming soon. But that’s not all, stay tuned for even more exciting things from Microsoft Dynamics CRM as we head toward Convergence EMEA in November. 

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Bob Stutz

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