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An agile supply chain is the key to success for many organizations today, but it can be fraught with challenges:

  • Lack of visibility in the global supply chain
  • Volume of legacy systems that need to be connected to new systems and maintained
  • Highly specific service expectations from customers
  • The transition from push- to pull-driven supply chains.

That’s why we’re thrilled that the latest release of Microsoft Dynamics AX can help solve these issues. It can help you run dynamic operations that provide customers with choice and service at competitive prices. Microsoft Dynamics AX can help you offer a choice of delivery options, share information during the delivery process, and constantly innovate and improve on the delivery process. 

We’re excited by what Kathmandu, an Adventure and Travel brand are doing. They know that it’s important to put the right product to the right customer at the right time and that the more stuff they make that people want to wear directly equates to success and running a dynamic business is a big part of that. Listening to customers and being agile allows that to happen. It’s end to end from management of stock, to inventory and getting it all out in retail where that becomes reality.

Providing an interactive experience online and in person and then making sure the product the customer wants is available when they walk into the store all accrue to business impact. When you enable the customer to have products shipped to their home address or for pick up in a local store you start to turn great experiences into amazing experiences.

We know that you want to respond to fast-changing business conditions and move quickly to capitalize on new opportunities. Look to Microsoft Dynamics AX to help you streamline your business:

  • Shipping options. Integrated Warehouse and Transportation Management capabilities help you provide your customers with the fulfillment choices they want. You can even immediately act on their changing requirements with a few clicks of a button—and still keep logistics and transportation costs low.
  • Amazing service levels. Respond to continuously shifting customer requirements. Real-time, end-to-end visibility into supply chain operations helps you balance inventory and operating expenses. 
  • Competitive pricing. Share insights into the delivery process. Get support for basic SKU-level demand planning based on historic data, using a combination of Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Excel to view, visualize, and edit the forecast data. A unified, end-to-end solution connects people to processes, empowering them to solve problems faster. 

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