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As the global economy continues to shift, companies need to expand in a variety of ways, including by adding new segments, locations, and of course products and services. Companies need support for growing through acquisition as well. Microsoft Dynamics AX can help you reach new customers in fresh new ways:

  • Rapidly serve customers in new geographies by using built-in multi-industry capabilities, regulatory, compliance, and language support for 36 countries on a scalable private cloud infrastructure. Manage Microsoft Dynamics AX implementation from pre-sales through deployment and operations with Lifecycle Services, our Microsoft Azure-based application lifecycle management services makes it easier to grow and expand your operations. 
  • Improve customer interactions, innovation, and differentiation by quickly expanding, with continuous optimization of business processes.
  • Win new customers. Add new services and deliver more functionality by taking advantage of out-of-the-box enhancements, like new Master Data Management (MDM), campaigns for social channels, and support for integration with Facebook and Twitter. Our friends at Jean Coutu Group  help store managers be more active on the floor, delivering timelier, more meaningful service. Mobile point-of-sale functionality will enable managers and salespeople to interact directly with shoppers, while checking inventory, placing orders, and reducing waiting times when lines are long.

Jean Coutu evaluated several major ERP and retail management systems, finally selecting Microsoft Dynamics for Retail. The company found that only Microsoft Dynamics had the capability to support both core administrative processes and strong point-of-sale functionality within a single solution.

For Jean Coutu all of this supports their omni-channel vision by connecting back-office systems to online shopping and in-store Point of Sale; for example, customers can order online and pick up in-store, or in-store personnel can quickly place an online order for an item that is out of stock locally. In turn this frees up employees to focus on the customer and on providing amazing customer experiences.

All of this accrues to enabling Jean Coutu to expand their business.

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Check out these videos to learn more about some of the most exciting new features in Microsoft Dynamics AX.

  • Microsoft Dynamics AX is now supported on Microsoft Azure. This provides all the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics AX hosted on secure, enterprise-class cloud infrastructure from a trusted provider.
  • See how Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services supports application lifecycle management (ALM) in three simple phases: [Define] [Develop] [Operate]

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