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As we’re preparing to depart for Sibos in Boston, arguably the biggest banking industry event of the year, today also marks the release of our new white paper and eBook “Delivering Amazing Customer Experiences with Dynamics CRM.”  This new white paper provides some deep perspective on how the financial services industry is changing and how a renewed focus on the customer experience can be the key to adapting to those changes.

The ripples of the financial crisis of 2008 are still being felt, but now there are a whole new host of influences that financial firms have to deal with. Whether it’s changing demographics, the rise of socially-savvy customer, or competition from new, non-traditional entrants to the market, financial services companies are being forced to innovate in order to grow. And that’s to say nothing of increasing regulatory demands.

Addressing the needs of a fast-changing industry

At Microsoft, it’s our vision to help financial firms transform from a transaction-centric business to a customer-centric one. CRM technology plays a vital role in help companies achieve this transformation because it can provide essential technological support for this goal. In the Delivering Amazing Customer Experiences whitepaper, we describe five key areas where CRM technology can provide this support:

  1. It can provide a 360-degree customer view that enables you to fully understand your customer so you can provide them with better service.
  2. Once you have that view, it enable you to deliver more personal, relevant experiences, from greeting them by name to delivering offers that match their needs and financial aspirations.
  3. Streamlined tools mean greater operational efficiencies, an essential goal when financial firms are continually challenged to do more with less.
  4. Social and mobile technologies not only help your people work more effectively and efficiently, they help you engage today’s highly-connected customers in their choice of channel.
  5. And finally, a framework for ongoing technology innovation so firms can respond rapidly to a changing regulatory and industry landscape and meet the changing demands of their customers.

Solutions for financial services

That’s a tall order for a CRM solution to deliver, but Microsoft Dynamics CRM is solving exactly those challenges at hundreds of financial services customers today. In the white paper and at our booth at Sibos this week, you can hear some of the amazing customer stories that demonstrate this success.

  • With Microsoft Dynamics Marketing solutions, we’re helping banks achieve pinpoint targeting of their marketing efforts, measure ROI, and optimize their channel mix for the greatest impact.
  • Our Advisor 360 solutions give financial advisors highly efficient tools that reduce administrative overhead and maximize their time with customers.
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Service Capabilities are helping banks today will long-term loyalty while improving call center productivity by giving agents more unified tools.
  • And finally Extended CRM solutions give financial firms a framework to quickly build out solutions for regulatory compliance, risk management, business process automation, and a host of other key scenarios.


There isn’t really enough space here to say everything I want to say about CRM, so check out the white paper to learn more, stop by our booth at Sibos, or attend one of the Microsoft sessions at the conference this week. 

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