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“The traditional sales funnel has been blown apart… and leads can come from anywhere: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, a blog, a referral, marketing event or an email campaign.”  – Barb Giamanco

Buyer behavior has changed dramatically over the past 10 years. Has your sales organization instilled a culture of “social selling”? If not, you may find your company losing to your top competitor.

There are some game-changing topics companies now need to consider in this new social world:

  • The potential impacts of dramatically changing Buyer behavior on your company and ways to address this change.
  • How Sales and Marketing are blurring and how they must work together in the social world to create connections that lead to closing deals.
  • Easily accessible social insights so salespeople can walk in the digital footprint of their prospects (and retain your most important customers).

This new buying process reality will be discussed by author and change agent for Social Centered Selling, Barb Giamanco, and Fred Studer, recognized thought leader and Microsoft Dynamics CRM GM. Join us for our Meet the Experts Live! Webinar: Connecting with your Customers in the New Age of Buying on Oct. 8 2PM ET. Click here to register.

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