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It has been a great week here at Sibos Boston. We’ve had some amazing conversations with people from across the banking industry as well as technologists and service providers. And it’s at events like this where you can really see the breadth of banking technology solutions our partners are building today.

Solutions designed for banking

One of the great benefits of having a broad partner ecosystem, is that it means customers get solutions more closely tailored to the needs of their industry and business.

As Jack Grey, Financial Services Director at Accenture said, “Increased regulation and mobile banking are now a standard, not a trend, and customers are demanding better experiences and service. As banks confront the realities of this new digital marketplace, we see a large opportunity for the joint value of Accenture and Avanade together with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. By combining our strong industry, strategy and technical expertise with the rich functionality and robust security of Microsoft CRM, we continue to invest in and deliver industry accelerators like Smart Banking to help banks apply digital innovation to transform customer experiences and unlock new value.”

Partners who understand your business

Leading technology firms can build a lot of synergy for their customers through a partnership with Microsoft. They get the benefit not only of a great technology solution delivered by a top global provider, but knowledge and expertise that can be applied across multiple areas of the business.

HP has used the Microsoft platform to build solutions for banking workloads like loan origination. Anthone Withers, Director and General Manager at HP says, “It is the extensible platform of Microsoft Dynamics CRM that leading technology organizations are capitalizing on to better serve the needs of their banking customers. Microsoft provides a leading CRM solution with an extensible platform, which we’ve leveraged to build a Loan Origination Solution and will leverage to build additional banking focused solutions. These solutions combined with a broad portfolio of IT and consulting services and deep banking expertise allow us to holistically address the business needs of our banking customers.” Its partners like these that enable us to deliver the ultimate combination: great CRM solutions combined with industry expertise and best practices.

Continued innovation

Everyone knows that financial services is a fast-changing industry, and Microsoft partners help us and our customers keep up with the pace of innovation.

And TCS is yet another partner who is using Microsoft Dynamics CRM as a platform for innovation. TCS is currently developing an end-to-end branch optimization solution based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM that will allow banking organizations to more holistically understand and manage their business. TCS will use the holistic customer management, workflow and business intelligence capacities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM to enrich every aspect of customer interactions, across all channels, and TCS is using those capabilities to bring bankers the highest levels of efficiency and service.

This is the last of our Sibos related blogs. It was amazing event and we thoroughly enjoyed meeting a wide variety of banking and technology organizations. We will continue to work with our partners to drive business benefits for banking organizations with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

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