Microsoft – The Smart Choice for Sales Productivity

The importance of combining powerful productivity tools with business applications is something that Microsoft has always understood, but now with increased focus and momentum. With the incredible acceleration of our CRM suite of online services and rapid innovation coming from Office, Windows, and Azure, we are fully embracing the opportunities to take advantage of our arsenal of technology assets, delivering great integration scenarios for our customers and partners. This is now core to Microsoft’s strategy as we take a “One Microsoft” approach to bring these new and exciting productivity scenarios to life.

And, all along, we have been building our products and services to work seamlessly together. Microsoft Dynamics CRM + Office 365 + Power BI provide a powerful sales productivity solution that our customers are benefitting from today – at a price a fraction of what Salesforce is offering. Check out the exciting details. But, as I always say, you don’t have to take our word for it. Read about the great results that Grant Thornton is experiencing as a customer of this new sales productivity offering from Microsoft.

And we’re not stopping there. Consider attending Convergence 2014 Europe to get a taste of more exciting enhancements that are planned across the entire suite of Microsoft Dynamics CRM online services. We invite you to jump on board and ride this exciting wave with us—because nobody knows office and sales productivity like Microsoft— the smart choice.

Bob Stutz