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As an ERP professional, you’re focused on helping businesses get the most out of their solutions. But what about getting the most out of your own career? It’s time to start leveraging your experience and knowledge to evolve your career.


Your experience and expertise are already highly sought after. A career working with Microsoft Dynamics AX is a chance to build upon the skills you already have. It’s a chance to be on the forefront of ERP without needing to learn a whole new platform. That’s because Microsoft Dynamics AX is designed with the familiarity of other Microsoft products, so it takes away the anxiety of starting over. There’s even e-learning training that gets you up to speed on the software on your own time, quickly. This way, you can build on the fundamentals you’ve mastered and take them to new heights. You have the talent—imagine what it would be like to take that even further. It’s time to build your professional brand.


In the increasingly competitive ERP market, you need a career that’s going to evolve with you. Just like Microsoft Dynamics AX is a scalable business solution, it can also be the beginning of a scalable career. Don’t let your current job drag you behind. Microsoft partners offer you a chance to be on the cutting edge, with the lifestyle and compensation that go with it.


Where do you see your career going in the next few years? Working with Microsoft Dynamics AX, your ERP future is in your own hands. This is your chance to position yourself as a leader in technology consulting. You’re offering more than just solutions; you’re offering customers better business. And, with superior technology, it’s an idea you can easily get behind for your customers.


Don’t miss a chance to give yourself the career boost you deserve. Microsoft partners and Microsoft Dynamics AX are the needed upgrade to your already stacked resume. It’s all about taking the leap; your next step is waiting. Team up with a Microsoft partner today to take your ERP career further.

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