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The world has changed, and so have we.  Even just 10 years ago, the way a customer experienced a brand, product or service was pretty much controlled by the company delivering it—we’re talking a one way street.  For many reasons— constant access to the internet, mobile phones everywhere in every hand, the social media explosion—this is no longer true. Now customers can drive the conversation.  In response, companies have doubled down on their efforts to better understand and impact the experience their customers have with them. 

At Microsoft, our mission is to help companies respond effectively to this change by enabling them to deliver amazing customer experiences.  

At Microsoft, our mission is to help companies respond effectively to this change by enabling them to deliver amazing customer experiences.  We feel that by doing this, companies will be able to foster true customer engagement.  Our ability to help our customers do that just got even better.  I am excited to announce our partnership with has taken customer engagement to the next level, and they have done it in a way that lets the customer drive their own unique journey while delivering the insights companies need to know which experiences customers want. 

With, you can very simply develop and visualize a customer journey path, with relevant activities that cross multiple channels, so that your customers can interact with you in the manner that best suits them.  At the same time, you are able to garner fresh insights into their digital footprint, to see how they are interacting with you and what their behavior patterns are.  You will learn what journey paths people prefer, what are the bottlenecks and why, so that you can determine the best path for your desired outcome.  No other company has been able to deliver all of these capabilities together, which is why is a market leader.  By combining their strengths alongside Microsoft Dynamics CRM, we are going to change the way you build engagement with your customers.

Not all customer journeys are the same, nor should they be. Supported by business applications that harmonize marketing, sales and service, customer experiences are not disjointed but seamless and consistent.  In order to develop long-term engagement, we believe that companies need to offer their customers a mutually rewarding relationship.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM together with can help you do just that.  Please join me in welcoming to the Microsoft Dynamics family!  For more information on our partnership visit

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