Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Expands Service through Japan Datacenters

At Microsoft we are obsessed with giving our customers the best service anytime, anywhere, on any device. As we continue to invest in global expansion, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online will be available in 105 markets by the end of the year, and we remain committed to providing world-class performance, delivering our CRM service through data centers covering 5 global regions around the world.


Today we made the exciting announcement that together with Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online will become a service within the Japan data centers, with availability targeted for Q1 CY2015. With this addition, we will have a total of 15 data centers serving our customers all around the world.  For more details, read the announcement press release, along with the recent More Office. Everywhere You Need It blog from John Case, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Office.

With greater availability, reliability, and performance, there is no better time to move to the cloud with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. Here are just a few reasons to make the move:

  • Modern, High Performing Infrastructure. We have invested billions so you don’t have to.
  • Ready When You Are. Capacity to grow as fast as your business can go.
  • Continuously Available. Application and Infrastructure Management is handled for you and backed by a guaranteed, financially backed SLA.
  • Secure and Compliant. 3rd party testing, regulatory compliance.
  • Faster Time to Value. Get up and running faster, implement enhancements quicker, realize value sooner.
  • No Compromises. Develop and test on the same configuration and hardware as production. Global Scale without the data center expenses. More than 25 licenses gives you a free sandbox environment.
  • Flexibility. Customize as needed for your business. UI, Entities, Activities, Dashboards, Workflows. Tons of flexibility.
  • High-Value IT. Focus IT on strategic efforts to achieve better business alignment by reducing complexity associated with hardware, software, support, update, and tech training activities. 


We encourage you to reach out to your local Microsoft sales or marketing representative for more information to learn more about how Dynamics CRM Online can help your teams to sell more effectively, market smarter, and provide care everywhere to deliver amazing customer experiences!

Bob Stutz
Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Dynamics CRM