Use the Power of ERP in the Cloud to Grow Efficiently

The use of cloud technology is growing rapidly. In fact, its growth is already five times faster than the IT industry overall. More than 80 percent of midsize businesses are expected to use some form of cloud computing by the end of 2014, and many are choosing Microsoft as their cloud provider. The Microsoft Cloud provides a connected platform built for your business that helps automate your core processes, transforms data into the insights you need to make better business decisions, and helps you grow efficiently by easily scaling up or down as your business changes.

Drive Business Efficiency and Growth

Microsoft Dynamics ERP is one part of a business solution from Microsoft that helps growing businesses manage their financials, supply chain and operations. Running your business application in the cloud helps you focus less on your infrastructure and more on the strategic needs of your business.

A business solution from Microsoft including Microsoft Dynamics and Office 365:

  • Brings your email, calendar, and files together with your data, reports, and business management software.
  • Shares the big picture then gives you one-click access to the details. 
  • Keeps you productive with security-enhanced anytime, anywhere access with an Internet connection.
  • Simplifies your day with one password, one user experience.

In addition, Microsoft Dynamics and Office 365 give you the ability to visualize and interact with data in real time from virtually anywhere, helping your team share, connect, and collaborate regardless of where they need to work.

The Microsoft Cloud has the flexibility to help your business grow efficiently. By using the cloud, you can control software and hardware costs, scaling as your needs change. This makes your monthly expenses more predictable. Start with what you need today, then easily expand as needs arise.

In a recent study by IDC, 63 percent of respondents said they expect to use a single Cloud Service Provider, and 67 percent said they would purchase a range of services from that provider. Microsoft meets the needs of businesses by uniquely bringing together the tools you need to manage your business, keep your people productive, and bring you closer to your customers. The Microsoft Cloud provides a connected cloud platform that gives you the freedom to deploy and use technology in the way that makes the most sense for your business. It also keeps your IT manageable so you get the most out of your investments.

Businesses innovate, grow, and prosper when they unite their people, processes, and technology. Learn more about Microsoft’s accounting software and get a guided tour of our integrated solutions for small and midsized businesses.