The Key Attributes of an ERP Professional

The title of “ERP Professional” covers a lot ground in terms of skillsets and career fields. Education can span computer science, business and IT, and positions are in demand in a variety of fields like finance, HR, retail, manufacturing, supply chain, project management and accounting.


No matter where you work as an ERP Professional, there’s no doubt it’s a challenging career choice. Not only are you responsible for delivering customized business solutions on time and on budget, you have to manage customer expectations during a potentially disruptive process. But successful ERP Professionals, the ones who consistently deliver solid solutions, also enjoy a high level of compensation and other benefits.


So what are some traits of successful ERP professionals? Of course, experience is a big factor, but even more important is the ability to leverage that experience into actionable knowledge that will inform the next project, and the next after that. It’s the steady accumulation of experience and perspective, along with the ability to employ it to your customer’s benefit that makes a difference. The ability to define and manage customer expectations is critical, and the natural follow-on to that trait is the commitment to deliver on the promises you make.


If this describes you, it’s time to take your career to the next level by becoming a Microsoft Dynamics AX consultant. You’ll enjoy a challenging career, with the company that’s defining the future or ERP—and with financial and lifestyle rewards that keep you motivated, engaged and ultimately successful. You have the skills and experience, and they’re in high demand.


Now is the time to build your reputation as a leader, with the leader in ERP. Team up with a Microsoft partner today to take your ERP career further.

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