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ERP Professionals have a lot to like about their chosen career. First of all, ERP isn’t confined to a narrow job description – to the contrary, ERP professionals can apply their skills to deliver solutions in a wide variety of business organizations like finance, HR, retail, manufacturing, supply chain, project management, and accounting.


There’s also the prestige of knowing that you’re part of a force that’s defining the future of business. There are entire companies whose future relies on your recommendations for business solutions. ERP Professionals thrive on challenges, as well as the process of developing and implementing solutions to surmount those challenges. And, when you add in compensation and lifestyle, being an ERP Professional is rewarding in many ways.


Even if this speaks to your current work in the ERP field, it can’t hurt to periodically pause and take stock of the current state of your career. Are you satisfied in your current job? Do the projects you work on challenge you to keep growing and learning so you can deliver even better solutions for your clients?


Do you answer these questions with an unqualified yes? If not, then it’s probably time to start exploring the next phase of your career—the phase where your expertise, effort, and professional milestones are recognized. A smart move would be to check into representing Microsoft Dynamics AX. As a Microsoft Dynamics AX solution architect, you’ll build your reputation with the company that’s defining the future of ERP solutions. We’re looking for skilled solution architects, engineers, and integrators who are ready to take their career to a new level.


You’ve worked hard to develop the skills, experience and insight that are the hallmarks of an ERP Professional. Contact us to explore how you can take your career to the next level.

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