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What a great way to start the holidays!  Today, I am happy to announce the general availability of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 and the 2015 Update of Microsoft Dynamics Marketing.  Dynamics CRM 2015 marks another significant milestone in our journey to provide solutions for businesses to achieve more and deliver amazing experiences to their customers.  We are now firmly on a path for continuous and consistent innovation with a six month release cycle and I am really excited about the capabilities we deliver with the CRM 2015 release, which further establish Dynamics as a leading CRM solution in the industry.   

We’ve made significant advancements in CRM 2015 across marketing, sales and service in a way that makes collaboration between roles natural and easy. In addition to a number of new capabilities, we’ve introduced the sales collaboration panel that helps break down the silos between sales and marketing to deliver personalized customer experiences.

At the same time, we added some great new capabilities for marketing and sales.  For marketing, we added the new interactive marketing calendar, integrated Lync webinars, new graphical marketing workflow and email editing, as well as A/B testing and integrated offers.  And we continue to expand our languages and geographies with the addition if Japanese and Russian.  For sales, we focused on the needs of high-tech sellers, introducing product families for product bundling and recommended products, visual sales hierarchies and roll ups, as well as more tailored dashboards and analytics on mobile.

We’ve also made advancements in natural language UI. CRM 2015 introduces the latest voice-enabled experiences through Cortana – part of Microsoft’s broader commitment to reinvent productivity and received amazing market feedback at Convergence Europe in November.

You can find out about more about the great features that will directly impact your market, please check out the Release Preview Guide, as well as the CRM 2015 press release along with additional information shared last month at our Convergence 2014 Europe conference in Barcelona. 

We’re committed to making CRM widely accessible for businesses around the world, as well as to providing the broadest set of deployment options for organizations. Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 is available both online and on-premises. And, as of today, I am thrilled to announce that Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is available in 130 markets and 44 languages. We are excited about the impact that CRM is having on our customers like Grant Thornton, Metro Bank and Trek Bicycles  – it is these customers and their creative use of our tools and technology that are shining real-life of transformational productivity. We love hearing from them and we want to hear from you.

But instead of listening to us talk about, you can now go see for yourself.  Start your trial today: Also, in your favorite app store, you can find Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Windows tablets and iPads.

The best gift this holiday season is the gift of sharing.  Please let us know what you think of CRM 2015, either here in the comments, or on Twitter at #CRM2015.

Bob Stutz

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