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The ERP landscape is constantly seeing significant changes, but that’s really nothing new. Ever since the introduction of ERP systems, the industry has transformed and adapted repeatedly in response to changing technology and the changing needs of enterprises.


Time was, traditional ERP was deployed on site at the client business, and provided fairly standardized solutions for similarly standardized business processes. This on-site deployment required significant investment in software and hardware. Today, ERP increasingly must provide solutions that are highly agile, scalable and mobile. To achieve that goal, ERP is increasingly relying on the Cloud, which provides the ability to provide ubiquity for solutions while reducing acquisition and ongoing maintenance costs.


ERP is also moving into mobile solutions that can operate independently of traditional PC or web-based services. Extending access to ERP systems to mobile platforms results in enhanced productivity, and promotes near-constant communication.


Even social media is getting in on the ERP action. The ubiquity of social networks like LinkedIn Facebook, and Twitter is driving ERP providers to integrate social media into their solutions, so enterprises can capture more information about their customers and in turn create better customer interactions.


The ERP landscape will doubtless continue to evolve – and in order to continue delivering solid solutions that serve enterprises well, ERP providers must continue to evolve as well. Microsoft Dynamics AX is going even further, by anticipating needs and driving the evolution of ERP. You can be a part of the Microsoft Dynamics AX vision, and ensure your professional future is brighter by representing the ERP solution that’s focused on tomorrow. Team up with a Microsoft partner today to take your ERP career further.

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