Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Service Expansion Continues with Australia Datacenters

Six months ago, we set the ambitious goal to significantly expand our CRM online service, empowering our customers to successfully operate their business solutions in the cloud all around the world. Last month, we announced our service expansion through datacenters in Japan. To continue our momentum, and as part of Microsoft’s cloud productivity suite, we have announced that together with O365 we will now expand our service through datacenters in Australia by the end of March 2015. By running these services from local datacenters, we can better meet our customers’ needs for data residency and reduced latency. With local geography data storage, organizations in Australia will be able to better comply with local regulations, giving them a higher level of trust and reliance.

Today, CRM Online is now available in 130 markets and 44 languages— more than triple since June. Further, we brought the service to our South American datacenter to better serve our customers in that region increasing our global footprint to 4 global regions.  Our CRM Online service expansion puts us alongside Office365 in the majority of the markets around the globe.

Now, with the inclusion of datacenters in Japan and Australia, both targeting Q1CY2015, our global customers will soon be served by 17 datacenters covering 6 global regions around the world. Dynamics CRM Online in Australia will be the 6th region offering Dynamics locally, joining North America (East/WestSouth), European Union (Ireland/near Amsterdam), Asia-Pacific (Singapore/Hong Kong), South America (Sao Paolo, Brazil), and most recently Japan.  No other cloud company is moving at such a rapid pace to meet the needs of global customerss.

With last week’s general availability of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015, we delivered great new capabilities specific ally designed to help collaboration between marketing and sales, enabling organizations to better engage with their customers. This week’s service expansion announcement is yet another important step in our journey, fulfilling our commitment to take our customers to the cloud wherever they may be.  To find out more about our most recent global service expansion announcement, I encourage you to read the press release

It’s exciting to see the progress we have made in our global expansion efforts.  It is even more satisfying to see the impact our business solutions are having on customers in Australia, in Japan and throughout the world. It’s a great time for businesses to go to the cloud, and we are proud of our role in helping our customers get there.  

Bob Stutz
Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Dynamics CRM