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Although it's a global leader in bicycles and related gear, Trek Bicycle maintains the spirit of a small company, from its close-knit, collaborative staff to the independent bike shops who sell Trek bikes and gear. Because it sells through a network of smaller, independently owned retailers rather than big-box sporting goods stores, Trek's success depends on close, supportive relationships between its local sales reps and the owners of the stores. Trek uses Microsoft Dynamics and Microsoft Dynamics CRM to support their local sales reps and build relationships with their customers.

Trek Bicycle Corporation is a customer I’ve always enjoyed working with – in my experience the company is genuine, innovative and visionary when it comes to how they use technology to create a better experience for both customers and employees. I was very pleased, but not surprised, to hear they’re using Microsoft Power BI now too.

“Insights from Microsoft Power BI have been a game changer for us.”

We just posted a great story detailing the early ways Trek is leveraging Power BI within its Helpdesk, finding new ways to be more productive, produce impactful reports and tighten up their workloads. David Peterson, Trek’s enterprise collaboration manager shared with us that in one case, the data provided by Power BI allowed them to identify a task that regularly took 12-15 hours per month of Helpdesk time and reduce it by 100 percent, to zero hours. Before, it wasn’t crystal clear where all work hours were going, but with Power BI, it became easy for Trek to see and take immediate action, particularly with the new at-a-glance view available in the dashboard feature.

In the near future, Trek is planning an even broader integration of Power BI, and will be able to pull additional customer data from Dynamics CRM Online. I love how David Peterson, Trek’s enterprise collaboration manager summed it up: “Insights from Microsoft Power BI have been a game changer for us.”

Of course, I know Trek won’t stop there. We’ll have more to share on their story as 2015 unfolds, but in the meantime, check out the full story below  – and come back soon for more great customer updates!

Trek Bicycle Customer Story

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