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Join our host, CRM Expert Connor Marsden, and CEB Chief Story Teller Brent Adamson, for our webinar on February 5th. Brent is the co-author of the popular book, The Challenger Sale, and frequent contributor to Harvard Business Review’s blog. Known for his passion for “productive disruption”, Brent is a pioneer in turning conventional wisdom about B2B selling on its head.

As a Marketing or Sales Leader, you are well aware that today’s B2B Buyer:

  • Wants to control their buying experience
  • Is self-educating…doing their own anonymous research via social and the web
  • Wants to validate their perceptions and decisions independently, and, according to CEB research, can be 57% into the buying process without ever talking to a sales person

Are you, like many others, struggling to connect and be relevant to this buying audience?

Register Now. Don't miss the opportunity to hear this globally renowned researcher, teacher and trainer as he shares his learnings and insights on how sales and marketing can position to win with today’s B2B buyer.

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