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At our Worldwide Partner Conference this summer, we shared the news that in the coming year, we were going to take steps to help partners sell CRM Online to all segments through new training programs and changes to our licensing.  I’m pleased to announce that in February we will be following up on this commitment to partners and customers in new and exciting ways.   

Beginning today, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online will be on Microsoft’s Open Licensing Program giving small and mid-sized businesses access to the full suite of Microsoft Online Services in a way that fits their current engagement with their partner or service provider. This presents a huge opportunity for Microsoft distributors and resellers and our CRM partners to differentiate themselves and grow their business.  

This summer we also shared that we will be launching the new Cloud Customer Relationship Management competency. Similar to the Azure and Office 365 cloud competencies, it is predicated on cloud performance. Partners will enjoy a rich set of benefits designed to help them grow their businesses. Program requirements will include technical certifications, customer references, and sales. The program will launch at the end February with broader communications and links live on March 2.  More information is available on the MPN Portal.

These two significant steps reflect our commitment to prepare our partner channel to help businesses of all sizes reap the benefits of our industry leading business applications in the cloud.  I encourage you to read Gavriella Schuster’s blog for more details on both of these announcements.   Thomas Hansen of our SMB team has also posted a blog on the benefits of CRM to small and mid-sized businesses. By the end of the week, we will also have a CRM SMB page on our Microsoft Dynamics site that provides additional information on these programs and of the value we can deliver to businesses around the world.  February is an exciting month indeed and the start of great opportunities for our Microsoft resellers, partners and customers. 

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