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Good morning, marketing professional! Welcome to the gauntlet that is the modern marketer’s workday. We hope you ate your Wheaties, because you’ve got a whole day of campaigning, budgeting, testing, nurturing, socializing, and rocking it ahead of you. NBD. You’ve got this.

We don’t have to tell you that your role as a marketer is a varied one. You’re shaking your fist at us, saying, “TELL ME SOMETHING I DON’T KNOW!” because you’re basically Don Draper meets Olivia Pope when it comes to nailing campaigns and concocting strategies. But how about adding a little more to the mix? Let’s say Don Draper meets Olivia Pope meets MacGyver?

The secret to upping your game is simple: set a daily routine and stick to it. By breaking your myriad tasks into little daily chunks interspersed with mildly healthy snacks and the occasional dance break, you’ll smoke the competition and have your coworkers wondering how you do it.

Here are five-ish daily tasks we recommend for achieving ultimate marketer status:

1.      But first, coffee.

Just being realistic here.

2.      Dashboard delving

Now that you’re properly caffeinated, it’s time to get analytical with it. Why? Because a marketing plan is only as good as the analytics that support it. Before creating the day’s plan of attack, log on to your dashboards and get the low-down on last night’s stats. How did those scheduled tweets perform? Did your customers read the email you sent? What did they click? How many webinar signups rolled in? Now track it. Record those numbers because you’ll need them later.

3. Word on the social street

Next it’s time to peruse your social feeds. What are customers saying about you? What questions are they asking? Get social and reply, retweet, and share it up. Do all the social listening you can to identify trends, spot the opportunities, and shape your messaging accordingly.

4.      Unleash the marketing wizardry

With data in hand, you’re ready to get cracking! Do what you do best: create content and show your marketing chops. As you manage current campaigns and plan the next ones, use the data you collected earlier to make smart decisions across your channels.

Want a pro tip? Use a campaign management tool to put everything in one place, from marketing plans and budget spreadsheets to email templates and creative deliverables. It’s like a marketing tool belt, and MacGyver would be jealous.

5.      Nurture, nurture, nurture

You’ve set everything in motion at this point of the day, so now you focus on getting chummy with leads and showing them that VIP experience. Social media is a great space for this, but you can get really scientific with it using automated emails. Give the customers what they want—send relevant content their way to build on their interests.

6.      If you test it, they will come

True marketing wunderkinds test, test, test until they can’t test anymore. Run A/B tests on all of the day’s creations. Change the colors, reword the CTAs, shift the landing page around. And tomorrow, after sufficient caffeination, you will once again hit the dashboards, see what you get, and start the process all over again.

Follow this daily regimen, and you’ll increase your impact (PDF) by leaps and bounds in no time flat. Now go forth and conquer, modern marketer!

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