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Is your business safe from cyberattacks?

The number of detected cyberattacks in 2014 almost doubled from the year before, leaving many organizations with significant financial losses and elevating cybersecurity from a server room issue to a boardroom issue. With ever-evolving cyber threats, businesses need to know how to develop strategies to address their vulnerabilities and keep their data accessible, yet safe, in today’s digital world.

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On the next episode of Modern Workplace, we will hear directly from two cybersecurity experts about how to keep your business and customer data safe from a hacker’s touch. We’ll also get a behind-the-scenes tour of Microsoft’s Cybercrime Center to learn how they are partnering with law enforcement agencies—including Europol, the FBI, and Interpol— in the fight against cybercrime.


Join us for a live Q&A with Microsoft product specialists and our studio guests.

First we’ll hear from Tiffany Rad, named one of the top 10 white hat hackers by Bloomberg last year, is co-author of the book Security in 2020 and a frequent speaker at conferences such as Black Hat USA and Defcon. She will provide an inside view into the mind of a hacker, the process behind launching a cyberattack, and what businesses can do to improve their defenses.

Next, we’ll gain insight from Ken Biery, 30-year veteran in the security industry, author, and Managing Principal for Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) solutions for Verizon Enterprise Services, will outline what steps organizations should take to build an effective cybersecurity program that keeps their data, infrastructure, and customers safe.

Tune in to hear directly from these leading security experts about the best way to safeguard your business, infrastructure, and customer data from cyber threats. Registered guests will also have the opportunity to submit questions via live chat both during and after the show.

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The next Modern Workplace show airs Tuesday, March 3rd from 8-8:30 a.m. PST / 4-4:30 p.m. GMT. Registered guests are invited to join us for live chat with studio guests and Microsoft Product Managers and will also receive exclusive access to whitepapers, e-books, and more.

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Modern Workplace Webcast Series – March 3rd

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