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We’re officially down to less than 2 weeks until Convergence 2015 in Atlanta! If you haven’t registered your team yet, what’s holding you back? Attendance spots are filling up quickly, so make sure to register today to ensure you receive all of the latest industry information and get a leg up on gaining new customers and contacts!

As if you needed any more reasons to attend Microsoft Convergence 2015, we’ve compiled 8 right here:

1. Keynote Speakers Convergence offers you the opportunity to hear from key Microsoft executives, including Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. If you are interested in industry trends and/or where Microsoft is headed, these sessions will provide an opportunity to hear, first-hand, from Microsoft’s leadership.

2. Informative Sessions There are several different types of sessions at Convergence that allow you to learn about the latest industry trends and best practices.

  • General Sessions  Leaders from within Microsoft and the business community share their insight and vision surrounding the hottest topics and issues facing businesses today. Check out the list of featured speakers – you’ll definitely gain some valuable perspectives and new ideas from these General Sessions.
  • Concurrent Sessions Need to learn more about a feature or function in your system or look into solutions that may answer an unresolved business issue? The Concurrent Sessions provide insight into the functional and technical capabilities of many of the Microsoft solutions.
  • Interactive Discussions Here’s your chance to actively participate in a discussion regarding your specific business case or technical issue. This is a great opportunity to either get your questions answered or lend your expertise to helping someone else with an issue.
  • Deep Dive Sessions Get up close and personal with a specific solution or feature in Microsoft Dynamics products. Whether you have implemented the solution or are just considering it, this is where you can get very specific knowledge about the functionality and/or technology offered.

3. Convergence Experience Center This is *the* place where colleagues from other organizations can meet to share experiences. It’s also where you can see how Microsoft customers have benefited from their use of Microsoft solutions. Additionally, the community experience features conference news, updates and various theater presentations on differing topics. 

4. The Convergence Experience Reception This awesome event takes place on the first night of Convergence. There’s an electric energy that buzzes among all attendees with the promise of networking opportunities and new business solution discoveries in the coming days!

5. Diverse Networking Groups Take advantage of these three different groups that will be present at Convergence:

  • Microsoft – many of the individuals who lead and do the actual development work on your Dynamics products or other Microsoft solutions will be in attendance. They love to hear feedback from the people who use their creations every day.
  • Expo Exhibitors – hundreds of add-on products and services for your Microsoft solution will be on hand in the Expo.
  • Other attendees – If you don’t network at Convergence, you’ll be missing out on the opportunity to connect with potential customers, business partners and new friends!

6. Culinary Thrills Another reason to attend Convergence in Atlanta is the opportunity to explore the amazing culinary scene! Atlanta is a booming, metropolitan southern city with a vast array of dining options. Check out some of our Atlanta restaurant recommendations on the Convergence Insights Blog.

7. Social Activities In addition to the Keynotes, sessions, and Convergence Experience Center networking opportunities, Convergence is packed with numerous happy hours, breakfasts, dinners and entertainment activities throughout the week. These are usually product- or system-specific and bring lots of people together with similar backgrounds. Friendships are born; beverages are consumed.

8. One Republic Are you a One Republic fan? PERFECT. They’ll be headlining the Convergence Celebration at the end of the event this year! Perhaps you haven’t realized you’re a fan of theirs yet, in which case we’re happy to enlighten you if you click here

Got any questions? Feel free to reach out to us on Twitter – @MSFTConvergence

Join us at Microsoft Convergence March 16-19!


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