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This is the final post in a four part series on best practices for email marketing. Want to learn more? Download our ebook here.

Do you want your emails to get opened…and read? Follow these four tips:

  1. Refrain from all caps text, too many exclamation points in the subject field, as well as duplicate content.
  2. Identify your communication clearly as an advertisement (if that is the case), and avoid misleading subject lines. This requirement might be critical due to legal reasons in some jurisdictions.
  3. Always use a meaningful and consistent “From” address.
  4. Avoid using “no-reply” or similar addresses in the “From” field. 

Keep in mind that receiving an email from an impersonal, unknown sender might raise the chances that your recipients will mark your email as spam. This is also not compliant with anti-spam laws in some countries/regions.

Here are three pitfalls to avoid:

  1. Render all your text as images. ISPs monitor the ratio of text vs. images in an email. Furthermore rendering text as images impacts the size of the plain text version, too.
  2. Create links using IP addresses, like Rather, host your pages on a human readable domain to distinguish yourself from spammers.
  3. Have invalid (broken) links. Broken links will result in higher spam complaints and damage your sending reputation.

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