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Wayne Morris, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Business Solutions Marketing at Microsoft, kicked off Day Two of Convergence with his session on how technology is radically changing the landscape for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs). 

Reiterating Satya Nadella’s comments from the opening keynote, Morris said that Microsoft’s mission is to empower every organization.  “Microsoft is deeply committed to helping small and mid-sized businesses achieve more,” he said.

After all, small is big when it comes to SMB, which covers:

·       90% of all businesses

·       60% of the workforce

·       50% of the global economy

In terms of technology, Morris said, “What was once too difficult and too expensive is now made possible for small and mid-sized businesses.  With cloud, you have access to enterprise class services”.

The numbers also show that SMBs that effectively utilize technology grow revenue 15% faster and create jobs two times faster. 

Microsoft enables SMBs to market one-to-one, empower sales with social insights, and provide customer care across many different channels with solutions that are flexible, complete and adaptable, according to Morris.

Mary Donahue, Director at Gearys, a luxury retailer in Beverly Hills, joined Morris onstage to discuss how Gearys has been transforming their business with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. 

“We have done an exceptional job of delivering customer service the old-fashioned way, which was on paper.  And the CRM solution allows us to do that in a digital format, so that we can streamline things and deliver uniform service to our clients as a company rather than individual by individual,” Donahue said. 

Donahue has also had success in terms of adoption of Dynamics CRM.  “We were surprised at the moment our sales associates embraced [CRM].  When we went to them and said, we want you to do what you’re doing in a new way and make it better for you, they really embraced it,” she said.

Ken Kelly, President of Kelly Roofing, also joined Morris on stage to talk about how Kelly Roofing has scaled the business with technology.

“I knew we needed software to help us keep everything under control, to ensure that the processes that we had are delivered to every customer, so they receive the level of service that they expect from us,” Kelly said.  “We have now in the last three years doubled our revenue, and we haven’t needed to add anyone on the office staff to help with the level of projects we have now.”

Mobility has also played a big role for Kelly Roofing by enabling field employees to connect with the staff back at the office.  “If [our estimator] won the job right on the spot, they just simply convert the opportunity to “won”, and the office automatically gets triggered notifications to start preparing that project for production,” he said.

Morris closed out the session with a reflection on a comment from Kelly.  "I just love one of the things that he said, which was a bit of a challenge to us all, 'If a roofing company can do this, any company can.'"

Stream more sessions from Convergence 2015 live here and check back soon for on-demand recordings.  


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