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With customer service serving as a major catalyst for business growth and brand differentiation, Microsoft is continuing to innovate in this solution category. Earlier this year we released Parature, from Microsoft, with key new features for organizations such as unified administration and identity with Microsoft Office 365, enhancements to social customer care, and new “above the queue” customer insights for agents and service professionals looking to increase their understanding of the customer journey. (You can read more about the January 2015 release here).

Today, just one quarter later, Parature is further expanding its service engagement innovation portfolio to include the following exciting and new capabilities:

Engagement Portal
Brands and organizations spanning all industries will now be empowered to deliver a more consistent and relevant customer experience across brands, departments, products and services through an enhanced enterprise support portal. Quality of service is elevated as customers connect online for a more personalized, productive experience. On the agent side, business processes remain consistent across teams with easy setup, configuration and customization of the portal.

Enhanced Search, Facets and Filtering
Businesses can now spend less time searching for information and more time connecting with customers. Dynamic content facets make it easy for agents to find the information they’re looking for across customers, content and downloads, while advanced filtering helps both agents and customers find the most relevant results the first time, and every time.

Enhanced Search, Facets and Filtering 

Engagement Intelligence

Gain a deeper understanding of your customers as they engage with your brand for support across channels. From knowledgebase views, to chat requests, to self-service deflection, you’ll see what’s working and what needs to be improved as part of refining the customer journey experience.

Global Customer Engagement Capabilities
It has never been easier to consistently engage global customers. Parature’s enterprise engagement portal delivers 11 language packs out of the box with the ability to add and customize more through new translation management capabilities. Customers receive support and self-service knowledge in their preferred language, while agents can translate, route and respond to questions and tickets, as well as create custom content. Configuration is easy and can be customized to include unique terms, keywords and languages.

Agents can also leverage machine translation for real-time chat powered by Microsoft Translator. Brands and organizations can now provide the personalized and immediate engagement that increases first contact resolution and customer satisfaction to a global customer base.

New Social Engagement Channels
Connect with and provide a consistent service experience to social customers on more channels than ever before as Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn join Facebook and Twitter as service channels in Parature’s service desk for a complete social customer care portfolio offering. Monitor and respond to customers in real time as part of your multichannel service desk.

The Best is Yet to Come…
A little more than a year after we acquired Parature, it’s easy to see the amazing progress that’s been made with this solution, particularly how Parature’s new enterprise engagement and multilingual capabilities now enable this solution to be deployed on a global scale.

I’m incredibly excited about the capabilities we are delivering with this update today. But the best is yet to come as Parature begins to integrate more seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Service from Microsoft is becoming more compelling with every new release. This marks the impressive start to Microsoft’s commitment to service innovation.

Bob Stutz

For more information on the capabilities delivered in Parature’s Spring Update, access the Release Preview Guide here. To learn more about Parature, from Microsoft, visit

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