Licensing Updates for the Spring 2015 Release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

For Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s licensing community, this spring’s launch wave gives us a chance to take a deep breath after three successive launch waves that brought new options and big changes to our license offerings. We’ve instituted just a few licensing changes for this spring, as well opened up some new channels through which customers can buy Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.

Introducing Parature Knowledge Management

We were excited to complete the integration of the Parature team and launch Parature, from Microsoft this past January. Its capabilities really shine when combined with Dynamics CRM Online’s customer service features.

This spring’s introduction of Integrated Knowledge Management surfaces Parature knowledgebase right where customer support professionals need it: within Dynamics CRM Online’s case management user interface. Your customer service users who are licensed with Dynamics CRM Online Professional can now use Integrated Knowledge Management at no additional charge. Your organization will need at least one Parature Enterprise or CRM Online Enterprise user in order to configure Parature and populate its knowledgebase.

Parature knowledge management is now also available in web portal format to all users with CRM Online Essential and higher. Customers like Metro Bank have turned Parature’s knowledge management functionality inward to create support web portals for their own employees. We think this is a great application of Parature functionality, and its inclusion in CRM Online Essential and higher will let more employees benefit from it. Just like with Integrated Knowledge Management, customers will need at least one Parature Enterprise or CRM Online Enterprise for Parature configuration and content creation.

Microsoft Social Engagement

This spring marks a leap forward for Dynamics CRM’s Social capabilities. Microsoft Social Listening has become Microsoft Social Engagement, in recognition of the new collaborative functionality that we have released to augment its listening capabilities. The new Microsoft Social Engagement Enterprise licenses offers the ability to engage with customers over Facebook and Twitter. It is available as a standalone license, and is also available at no additional cost through Dynamics CRM Online Enterprise. Social Listening Professional is now Social Engagement Professional, and customers who license it as a standalone license or included with Dynamics CRM Online Professional will get a sharp new user interface and other upgrades.

CRM grows into new countries and licensing programs

We are pleased to offer Dynamics CRM to customers in a growing number of countries and sales channels. In the last year, we have expanded Dynamics CRM Online’s availability from 42 to 130 countries with 44 languages supported in total. In February we introduced Dynamics CRM Online into Microsoft’s Open License programs, which provide a simple, cost-effective way for small and midsize organizations to acquire the latest Microsoft technology through a network of thousands of resellers worldwide.

In conclusion, this spring brings new capabilities without a lot of licensing changes, and we hope this will lead to great experiences for our customers. After months of planning this launch with the rest of the Microsoft Dynamics team, I’m excited to see how you use Parature’s knowledge management and Microsoft Social engagement. I’m eager to hear your feedback!