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Anyone who tells you there’s a revolution about to happen in communications is lying.

The revolution has been digitized—so what’s your place in it? As author Geoffrey Moore has said, “the planet is wiring itself a new nervous system. If your organization is not linked into this nervous system, you will be hard pressed to participate in the planet’s future.” The task ahead is to find the fit in this new system not in a single channel, but on all the channels that matter to your business.

Customers now don’t have to wait on what you are doing, what your offer is, or care anything about what you’re saying. In his webinar about the 21st century customer, CRM expert Paul Greenberg shares that the current customer communicates over such a wide range of channels that focusing on any single touch point is essentially a waste of resources.

Greenberg goes further, stating CEOs have completely disconnected from why people follow on social channels. And more, what people actually are saying about their brand in social. As Greenberg points out, CEOs are very aware of their problem and are attempting to do something to solve it. The truth is that through the use of social and mobile, customers can find value faster than you can offer it. So attempting to compete on price, or even value, alone is a race to the bottom with your competitors.

Here’s the good news:

The customer revolution has created an unprecedented means to create positive customer engagement. This doesn’t necessarily mean doling out discounts or perks on social. Although those quick fixes can help an individual customer, it’s not constant delight that wins in the marketplace. It’s knowing how and when you best fit into your customers’ lives.

Greenberg himself gives a great example of a company that fits into his life without the requisite of delight: Never an item of delight, this modest business captured Greenberg’s business through a series of simple reminders tied to his order.

Through the use of CRM, the business can automate the timeline for each potential re-order to gently nudge continued purchase. Although not flashy, knows its place in a customer’s life and serves the role perfectly.

Don’t brace yourself for the revolution; become a leader in the new world. Start by watching the entire webinar on demand.

Watch Paul’s webinar now

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