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Small and midsize businesses (SMBs) are—in a word—busy. How busy? Consider that in the U.S., businesses with fewer than 500 workers account for about half of private nonfarm GDP, half of total employment, and 16 times more patents per employee than large patenting firms.*

These SMBs rely on both their employees and technology to keep up with the pace of business, so it’s hard to imagine them falling behind on technology that’s needed to succeed. But the reality is, most of them still rely on some paper-based systems, Microsoft Excel, or standalone apps to function.

What’s at stake is everything from customer experience to decision-making, productivity, order fulfillment, and ultimately success.

The right solution connects back- and front-office systems and teams to grow the business.

Today’s workflows require common access to information and easy collaboration. Therefore, the ideal business solution for SMBs is one that connects back- and front-office systems and teams.

For the service agent, this means having all the necessary information about orders and billing when customers call. For the business manager, it means being able to access complete insights from both back-office (inventory, finance) and front-office systems (sales pipeline, marketing, and customer support) to control costs and win new customers. And for the sales staff, it means being able to easily look up product and availability information to quickly create sales orders.

Dynamics ERP and CRM Online deliver.

With Microsoft Dynamics GP and Dynamics NAV connected to Dynamics CRM Online, users can exchange common business info, and SMBs can rely on Office 365 or Power BI as the common platform to collaborate and gather business insights. The all-up benefits are significant:

Improve your customer focus: Deepening your focus on customers not only improves your service and sales, but lends to ongoing customer-centricity and better results.

Boost employee productivity: Streamlined operations allow SMBs to grow sales without growing staff. Better collaboration leads to more informed employees and a better customer experience.

Access complete business insights: SMB owners and stakeholders get a 360-degree view of the business. They can monitor the performance of all functions—including sales, marketing, customer services, finance, inventory, and procurement—to help keep the business going and growing. 

RREAL story shows what it’s all about.

Meet RREAL. This nonprofit strives to alleviate fuel poverty by installing solar panels on low-income family homes. To serve more people cost effectively, they manufacture the solar panels they install. They needed robust client management and accounting tools to manage the growing intricacies of the business.

By adopting Microsoft Dynamics GP on Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, RREAL streamlined processes and reduced installation time by more than 50%.

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*Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council: "Small Business Facts"

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