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Imagine checking into a hospital emergency room. You’re sick or in pain, a little out of your depth, and there’s a lot of activity all around you. Would you rather tell every doctor and every nurse who attends to you the exact same symptoms and story over and over—or would you want to tell one person, when you check in, who communicates all of your info to the doctors and nurses so you don’t need to repeat yourself?

This customer experience is the cornerstone behind what Ray Wang, analyst for Constellation Research, refers to as “mass personalization at scale.” And what seems like a contradiction in terms is exactly what a digital business should—and can—strive to achieve.

If your brand promise includes addressing customer concerns and improving customer experiences, then the quickest way to fail comes on the ‘cold transfer.’

“If your brand promise includes addressing customer concerns and improving customer experiences,” Wang states in a recent webinar titled Disrupting Digital Business: The Customer Experience Initiative, “then the quickest way to fail comes on the ‘cold transfer.’” That’s when a customer has multiple points of contact with a company or organization (e.g., call center representatives or doctors in a hospital) and that person’s data and information doesn’t “follow” them around.

Customer experiences on this level would have been unimaginable even 10 years ago. Now, with CRM software and a strategic approach to delivering positive brand interactions, the digital business can deliver personalized experiences to everyone—at scale.

And this, Wang argues, is what customers are coming to expect. Businesses that can’t deliver on this promise risk becoming victims of what he refers to as “digital Darwinism”—when a stronger, smarter, better-equipped company overtakes those businesses who cannot or will not evolve.

Wang concludes with a warning and call to action: “Don’t become a victim of this digital disruption.”

To learn more about Ray Wang’s recommendations for becoming a digital business and leading disruption, watch his entire webinar on demand.

Watch Ray Wang’s Webinar

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