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When we released our wave of CRM innovation this spring, we highlighted the mobile capabilities we are delivering to customers around the world with a seamless user experience across mobile devices in a ‘configure once, deploy everywhere’ model.  Today we are unveiling some additional steps that build on these advancements and further strengthen our mobile capabilities.

I’m very excited to announce the availability of Azure Mobile Apps connector for Dynamics CRM Online and an updated Mobile SDK (Software Developer Kit) for Dynamics CRM, enabling our customers and partners to easily create unique mobile CRM experiences – tailored to how businesses and people use it across various industries and roles.

It is no secret that mobility is at the core of our customer engagement platform and delivering great experiences require a spectrum of solutions. Dynamics CRM mobile apps provide a great out-of-the-box and configurable experience for our users. However certain unique scenarios and personas, like the Beer Rangers at New Belgium Brewery, warrant a role-tailored, industry-specific custom mobile experience. The CRM mobile SDK along with the Azure Mobile Apps connector, helps organizations tailor their mobile CRM solution to fit their unique needs.

The combination of Azure Mobile Apps and Dynamics CRM unlocks many new scenarios. Azure Mobile Apps, part of the recently announced Azure App Service provides open, easy to use services to let developers build apps for any device, and any platform. Developers building mobile CRM apps, can now get the scalability of Azure along with a host of functionality such as offline sync, cross-platform notifications, unified identity and a lot more without expensive development costs. To get started with the connector, please visit

The updated CRM mobile SDK includes new templates, libraries and samples for Android, iOS and Windows platforms, to help developers create native mobile apps with Dynamics CRM. The SDK facilitates unique scenarios such as task specific apps, aggregating multiple backend systems in a single mobile canvas, self –service enablement apps for end customers or even a device specific experiences. To learn more about the new CRM mobile SDK assets, please visit our MSDN site.

With the vast resources available for mobile CRM developers today, we have organized all mobile app development content into a central location. Mobile App Development Portal for Dynamics CRM will be the central hub for all future mobile development announcements and includes a specific discussion channel on the mobile app development forum.

The synergy between the Azure platform and Dynamics CRM brings innovative capabilities with great value for our customers. We are already seeing great examples of this with our recent Azure IaaS certification and other continued cloud investments across Microsoft. Today’s announcements represent a huge step forward in our mobile-first cloud-first journey, but this is just the beginning and there are many more great things to come!

Bob Stutz, Corporate Vice President Microsoft Dynamics CRM 

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