Every Second Counts. Stop Wasting Sales Time with these Top Tips.

Your sales teams waste time every day.  According to McKinsey Global Institute, the average salesperson spends only 39% of his or her time selling. The rest of the day is spent with things like organizing, dealing with paperwork, or lost in email hell.

That’s 67 million hours lost by roughly 13.7 million American salespeople every day. 

Stop wasting time. Right now.

The tips in this infographic can help your sales teams win back even a few precious minutes each day. You can grab a portable version from SlideShare.

How are you using social media?

Cat pictures or sales tools? If you’re not using LinkedIn to sell, you’re missing the boat.

The average adult spends 42 minutes a day on social media—but top salespeople spend 6 hours a week on LinkedIn prospecting, nurturing, and maintaining relationships, according to Jill Konrath.

Push sales, not paper

Paperwork kills productivity. If you aren’t using digital signatures, it’s time to join the 21st century. Services like DocuSign can save you valuable time. If you shaved 4 hours a week from your schedule by eliminating meetings, travel times, and fixing workflow errors, that would be enough time to watch Dances With Wolves (or Star Wars, twice) each week.

Ending email hell is everyone’s responsibility

You hate looking at spam emails and are tired of wasting your time replying to useless junk. Your customers feel the same way. Email them when it counts.

Eliminating 4 hours of email time per week would save the ~13.7 million American salespeople enough time to build a real Pyramid of Giza, or—in other words—55 million hours.

Make robots work for you

Use technology that automates tasks and get time back! From DJ Roomba to Bender, robots are our future because they automate tasks that take humans way more time to perform.

Salespeople spend 8 hours a week looking up information, according to McKinsey. Using sales technology to cut search times in half would save the 13.7 million American salespeople enough time to build 2 Golden Gate bridges—or 10 million hours a day. 

Begin Your Audit

Say no to Internet timewasters!

Hey you, reading this infographic. Guess how much time you could have just saved (if you hadn’t read this infographic, and were actually doing work)? It takes the average person roughly 5 minutes to read an infographic, according to a Microsoft data team.

That’s time that could be spent selling. 

Put your sales org to the test

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