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Friends, I come bearing good news. The days of staring up at the fluorescent lights and taupe walls of your cubicle are numbered. Data from Reuters states that about 20 percent of employees worldwide have been telecommuting for a couple of years already. By next year, Forrester predicts that a whopping 43 percent of workers in the United States will be able to do some portion of their job remotely, and those numbers are only going to keep rising.

Your escape from the confines of the office is at hand, but before you head for the greener pastures of the mobile workplace you need to set up your mobile office. Thankfully, today’s online customer relationship management (CRM) solutions can ease your transition to the world beyond the office. Here are a few examples of how you and your team can use online CRM tools to go mobile.

1. Bring the office with you.

You need to be just as productive from your mobile office as you were at your desk. If you can’t generate reports, edit documents, or conference with colleagues and customers, you might find yourself back at corporate headquarters in short order. Jump this first hurdle with ease by employing mobile solutions that keep you in the loop and on the go.

2. Mobilize sales.

In the craft brewing scene, sales teams can find themselves literally going the distance to make a connection. New Belgium Brewing Company may be based in Colorado, but its sales team spans 30 states. For a team covering that much ground, the ability to stay in contact with distribution and easily access sales data is key. That’s why New Belgium arms its sales team with tablets and a purpose-built mobile app. Through the app, these “beer rangers” can create customer profiles, work out delivery logistics, and help their customers place orders—all from the customer’s barstool.

3. Collaborate on the go.

One of the biggest strengths of working on site is how easy it is to collaborate with your coworkers. If you’re going mobile, you need to keep that collaborative spirit intact. Create an online conference room where members of your team can chat, post messages for one another, and collaborate on documents—then you’ll always be able to work together, even when you’re apart.

4. React to sentiment quicker.

If your access to data is tethered to your office, it’s easy to miss market fluctuations and changes in customer sentiment. When you can get data analytics and social sentiment on your mobile device, suddenly those missed alerts and updates can find you wherever you are. By making use of interactive analytics and custom CRM dashboards, you’ll get a deeper grasp of sentiment, faster.

5. Depart for parts unknown.

Mobile CRM solutions are constantly evolving, so you can keep pace with changes in customer needs. One of the more recent changes is the ability to create new records offline and save them to the cloud later. Now, whether you meet your newest contact at the summit of K2 or crossing the dunes of the Sahara, you’ll be able to share your new connection with the folks back at the office.

Want to see how online CRM solutions are revolutionizing businesses willing to take the leap to mobile? Check out how Adaptive Solutions ditched their office space for good in this video.

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