Service Innovation Awards Show the Future is Now for Customer Service

With the majority of brands and organizations still working on multichannel customer service mastery, Microsoft and its partners are thinking ahead so that they can help brands and organizations meet the ever-increasing expectations for service.

The 2015 Microsoft Partner Customer Service Innovation Award, announced on Wednesday, August 19, at the Microsoft Dynamics US FY16 Kick Off event, showcases the service innovations that partners can envision and design in a single week, with Webfortis’ “Relay” use case selected as the winner of this year’s award. This first annual contest that ran in tandem with Microsoft’s //oneweek was initiated to engage all Microsoft partners that have capabilities in delivering self and assisted customer service solutions in extending the Microsoft service platform in new and creative ways. Executives representing Microsoft’s customer service team were on hand to congratulate Webfortis, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, for its innovative use case developed to provide a more seamless and satisfying customer service experience.

Webfortis’ Relay extends the Microsoft customer service offering into a fully integrated platform for servicing all major channels (IoT, mobile, phone, chat, email, social, et al) by incorporating new functional capabilities that maximize the use of other Microsoft platforms and third-party platforms to address the diversity of service requirements for customers.

Relay goes beyond multichannel service and brings in omnichannel capabilities to promote more meaningful and seamless customer interactions that will yield a higher degree of customer satisfaction and brand loyalty, while reducing customer service transaction costs over time. Relay also includes tools to help migrate customers off competitive platforms while expediting integration with common technologies to help reduce overall implementation times. Watch the demonstration video here:

"The criteria for this customer service innovation award was centered around developing original and inventive use cases which took advantage of cloud first, mobile first, and IoT scenarios,” notes Microsoft general manager for service engagement, Bill Patterson.

“Webfortis showed incredible thoughtfulness around this customer service use case which brings together Microsoft service technologies, Skype for Business, bug tracking and remote access solutions, and even Webfortis’ recently-introduced Apple iWatch app – and they did this in just one week.

“This truly opens the door and ups the ante on the potential for service innovation through our partner network. We couldn’t be more excited.”

Sam Thepvongs, Practice Manager for Webfortis, states, “It is an honor to receive this award as a reflection of our innovation and commitment around the Microsoft CRM platform. Our team has been focused on making the customer experience truly seamless, which will enable organizations to increase their brand loyalty and improve their service delivery capabilities using Microsoft technologies.

“Our goal is to maximize our customers’ investments in Microsoft, and we will continue to deliver innovations to address the demanding and evolving expectations of customers regardless of the device or channel.” 

For more information on Webfortis, click here. For more information on Microsoft Dynamics CRM partners, click here.


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