The Marketing Cloud and the Dawn of the Digital Marketer

Okay businessmen and businesswomen, in the immortal words of Samuel L. Jackson, hold onto your butts. There’s a sea of change happening throughout your business, and particularly in the marketing space. Driven by the advent of the Internet of Things, mobile technology, and big data, this new marketing paradigm is all about analytics and understanding your customers better than ever before.

As Microsoft CMO Lead for Worldwide Enterprise Marketing Jeff Marcoux recently put it,

“…now we have even more the emergence of things like data enrichment services that have only gotten more and more advanced… and then you add on top of that machine learning and predictive marketing, and next thing you know you have all of these different data sources and we as marketers have to figure out ‘how do we bring these together?’ …it’s the data, and merging and using that data, and activating around that data as marketers that’s the absolute key to unlocking amazing customer experiences and amazing marketing ROI…”

You’ve likely already heard similar rumblings. Phrases like “new marketing technologies” and “the dawn of the digital marketer” have been bandied around offices for a couple of years now. Well folks, the digital marketer is here, might even be a member of your team already, and (in a twist right out of science fiction) it’s not even human. Instead, the digital marketer is a suite of analytics and automation tools that help you see the marketing world in a whole new way.

When you partner your team with this new marketing tech, you’ll suddenly be able to:

  • Create dynamic, multichannel campaigns full of automated nurturing activities that can be based on specific customer actions.

  • A/B test each facet of your plan before your campaign goes live.

  • Use social engagement tools to track digital sentiment, navigating language barriers and colloquialisms in a flash.

Analytics tools will also monitor lead management and scoring for you, collecting data like how often each customer visits your site and opens your emails, and which buying signals they’re sending your way. Not only will these tools help you collaborate closer with sales, they’ll combine to give your team members clear, real-time reports covering your pipeline and revenue, and even help you effectively demonstrate your return on investment (ROI).

With constantly updating graphs and charts at your fingertips, you’ll have a clear picture of what customers are saying about your product, which customers are ready to buy, and where your message is performing best. And in a charming twist on the norm, pertinent data from sales can be sent to your marketing teams, too. Knowing which campaigns generate stronger sales outcomes can help further tailor your message to specific customer groups going forward.

With automated data gathering and analytics on your side, you’ll be free to focus on the job at hand: winning the hearts and minds of both your existing and prospective customers. For more on how analytics is changing the marketing space, check out our white paper, Measure Your Impact: 5 key principles of analytics proficiency.