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In a highly competitive telecommunications industry, nTelos Wireless is a regional provider striving to inspire customer growth and loyalty by better connecting with its customers and the communities it serves.

This year, nTelos Wireless showed its continued focus on the customer by making a major investment in delivering the best value and customer service experience, no matter what channel the customer prefers – and a big consideration in its investment was valuing their customers’ time. 

A Focus on Customer Convenience

As a wireless communications services provider, the phone is undeniably a major channel for nTelos customer care. But many times for customers, due to time or location, it’s simply not convenient to call nTelos for customer service. Therefore, the provider proactively led the charge in delivering anytime, anywhere service by investing in a highly customized, highly organized self-service support portal, which not only provides answers and information 24/7, but also easy access to additional service channels at

As an added convenience, they made the self-service portal mobile-responsive, so whether customers are at their computer at home or work and need help, or need service from a smaller screen such as a tablet or smartphone, there’s a service offering that meets their needs at the time they need it.

They also provided the same knowledgebase of answers and information to their customer care representatives, so if you do prefer or need to call for service, you not only get a consistent answer, but a faster one the first time you make contact.

A Vote for Better Customer Care

And this is actually just a start to the investment nTelos has made in supporting and caring for its customers.
You can read more here. But because of this investment, nTelos Wireless has been selected as a finalist in the Constellation SuperNova Awards which annually recognizes brands and organizations that have applied technology to improve their business or their customers’ experience.

We’re incredibly proud of nTelos’ commitment to their customers, and the communities they serve through their give back programs.

Please take a second to vote for this regional provider that is making big strides to lead first in customer care. 



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